Clash Of Clans (Archer Review)


The Archer is the second unit and first ranged unit you get access to in Clash of Clans. Despite having low hitpoints and dealing only moderate damage, it makes up for it with its range. The short range of the Archer’s attack allows it to shoot over walls to attack defensive towers, resource storage buildings, or even enemy troops.
In this CoC Archer guide, we will be covering this unit in its entirety. We will start with stats and upgrades and then move into unit strategy.

Archer Basic Information

Training Time: 25 seconds

Supply Cost: 1
Movement Speed: 24
Targets: Ground & Air
Preferred Target: Any
Barracks Required: Level 2

171 attack per second720
291 attack per second923
3121 attack per second1228
4161 attack per second1633
5201 attack per second2040
6221 attack per second2244
7251 attack per second2548
LevelTraining CostUpgrade CostLaboratory LevelTown Hall Requirement
28050,000 (12 hours)13
3120250,000 (2 days)35
4160750,000 (3 days)57
52002,250,000 (5 days)68
63006,000,000 (10 days)79
74007,500,000 (14 days)810
The Archer possesses below-average health, average damage, and above average speed. While it does not win any contests in terms of survivability or damage, its low cost, fast training time, and range make it a very common unit for use both offensively and defensively.
Like its counterpart the Barbarian, the Archer scales well with upgrades and improves noticeably between levels 3 and 4 and 4 to 5. Level 5 Archers are many times more durable than their predecessors, gaining enough health by level 5 to survive getting hit by a level 4 Mortar. As a result of its steady improvement with each level, the Archer remains a viable unit throughout Clash of Clans.

COC Archer Strategy

In Clash of Clans, the Archer is a unit which you will use regularly. It is useful as a trophy pushing unit as soon as it is introduced (great for sniping Town Halls in farming base setups). The Archers is also one part of the popular “Barcher” (Barbarian and Archer) army composition. I believe Barcher is the best farming composition at Town Hall 7 and is also useful for low-cost trophy pushing and war battles.
How To Use The Archer Raid

First, you want to use this strategy on a non-boxed base unless you have high-leveled Archer and distraction troops. (I explain what the difference is between a non-boxed and a boxed base near the bottom of the page)
Once you find a suitable base that you feel is a worthwhile raid, zoom out by pinching your fingers on the screen.
Once zoomed out, you want to hold your fingers down and circle them around the defending player’s base (watch the video to see). This will cause a spam of Archers. Be careful on some bases though. Sometimes you will want to put a fewArchers close together to take out Mortars and Wizard Towers, which can be dangerous to Archers.

Defensive Strategy

Always make sure you always have the Town Hall in middle, not on the edge of Walls. Even if yourWalls are doubled, Archers can shoot over the Walls and easily take out your Town Hall for an automatic win.
Don’t worry about this if you have a farming base. I will make a tutorial later on how to make a successful farming base against Archer Raids.

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