Clash Of Clans (Goblin Review)

The Goblin is the third unit you get access to in Clash of Clans and the only one that will target resources as a priority. Goblins are a very fast unit, deal high damage, and deal double damage to Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, and resource storage structures. As a result, these units are well-suited for farming.

Clash Of Clans (Archer Review)


The Archer is the second unit and first ranged unit you get access to in Clash of Clans. Despite having low hitpoints and dealing only moderate damage, it makes up for it with its range. The short range of the Archer’s attack allows it to shoot over walls to attack defensive towers, resource storage buildings, or even enemy troops.
In this CoC Archer guide, we will be covering this unit in its entirety. We will start with stats and upgrades and then move into unit strategy.

Farming Trick and Strategy

Farming Trick
Farming at its core is the tactic of ignoring the quest to gain trophies and focussing on gaining loot instead. Generally most farmers will focus on gaining gold, however it is also possible to farm for Elixir or Dark Elixir depending on your needs. Trophy level are not completely irrelevant however as different levels will (on average) hold different strengths of bases and quantities of loot depending on your townhall level. Farming strategies will be covered in more depth in a later guide. 

Barb/Arch (Barbarians, Archers) 

As indicated by the name the army composition is primarily Barbarians and Archers with possible a few wallbreakers thrown in depending on taste. The primary goal of a Barb/Arch army is to produce a fast and cheap army that allows you to attack very frequently at low cost. 

Clash Of Clan ( Barbarian Review )

The Barbarian is the first unit you get access to in Clash of Clans and one that you should get very accustomed to using. For the first few months of your Clash of Clans experience, the Barbarian will be the backbone of your army (if not the entire composition of your army) as you build up your resources and increase your trophy count.
In this guide to the COC Barbarian, you will find a full guide to Barbarian stats, levels, and strategies so that you can maximize the strength of this unit.

Clash of Clan Farming trick

Blues Medallion

Farming is very cheap and easy.

Just use trop goblin but got a lot of results .. 

Tropy : 
Silver 1 

How to attack TH 8 in war base

How To Attack This Village

Trop Preparation :
10 Dragon (Level 3)

Spell :
2 Lightning Spell (Level 5)

How To WIN Clash of Clans

Tips & Tricks For Beginners
Flod COC
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Supercell was recently valued at $5.5 billion after an investment by SoftBank.
George Yao, a top-ranked player, spent six months playing Clash of Clans on five iPads -- all at the same time! He would even take his iPads into the shower with him.
Panda, one of the top 10 CoC players, told Wired that he spends nearly $7,000 a month on his Clash of Clan village. That seven grand accounts for just seven percent of his income.
In the latest Super Bowl, Clash of Clans debuted a commercial with Liam Neeson parodying his character from "Taken." It was the most viewed Super Bowl ad in 2015, and was selected by YouTube users as the second best ad from the Big Game.