State of “Clash of Clans”

Flod COC

First things first, I would like to thank mediapluck for graciously allowing us members of the Clash of Clans community to have an open and uncensored floor to share our views on the game. I have grown frustrated with the current official forum due to the growing fascist attitude of Supercell and the trolling nature of senior forum members. Over the past few weeks, Supercell moderators have deleted or closed my threads, and I feel that it is now time to take my talents elsewhere. If you know me from the official forums, you know that I speak my mind about issues in the game and have a “no holds barred” attitude when it comes to that. Without further adieu, here is the state of “Clash of Clans” today, Dec. 21, 2012:
Since the start of my career in CoC, I have noted a surprising trend in the way Supercell updates this game. They have chosen the riskier “surprise” method of updating. In this method, the company does not tell you when and how the update will occur, and are somewhat vague about the contents of each update. Sure, Supercell may show sneak peaks on their Facebook page, but those sneak peaks only show the flashy contents of an update to heighten the suspense of players. We never saw farming restrictions or the requirement of a builder for wall construction in a sneak peak did we?
If you have been playing this game for months, you might agree with me when I say that this game gets worse and worse with every update, and Supercell gets richer and richer with every update. Instead of balancing the game, they only add more defensive structures and offensive upgrades, so that neither side is ever balanced. There is no open line of communication between players and developers, and no player can really make a difference in this game (unless that player is Mr. Supercell). This company has their own profit boosting agenda which gives the players the butt end of the deal, while they swim in the reported $750,000 they make each day. I had believed that smaller companies like Supercell claims they are would offer better costumer service than what they do right now. There is a difference in being small and being cheap, and unfortunately for us, Supercell is the latter. Many of the longtime members have abandoned this game, but some of us are still here, hopeful that the “major” update in January will change the game for the better. If a change for the better is not seen, you can surely expect thousands of loyal players walking out the door on this greedy company. The state of “Clash of Clans” is dire, but yet we remain hopeful….for now.

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